Over 2.8 billion e-mail messages will be sent today by over 130 million workers in the United States alone; globally, the number is closer to 30 billion and rising at an annual rate of about 16% a year.

Clearly, e-mail is at the core of the enterprise IT infrastructure and whether your enterprise is 20 or 20,000, it’s critical to have a system in place which is efficient and increases productivity.

This is where the Texting Card “eCard” comes into play.

The eCard is designed to not only make yourself become more easily contacted by potential clients but to increase brand awareness, visual recognition, and to ultimately lead to more conversions for you and your business. 

The internet and email are progressively becoming used more often by today’s consumers. In a recent survey, 80% of people said they believe email is more valuable than the phone for business communication. 74% said being without email is more of a hardship than being without phone service.

What does your current email signature look like?

Why not check out what the eCard has to offer you, and your business?